Start Something New: 12 Books to Inspire You This Year

Out with the old, in with the new.

New Year rings in new possibilities. Even though it looks like nothing has changed other than the date on the calendar (especially with the pandemic), every year we make resolutions, promising to be better versions of ourselves. We want to hope for a better tomorrow because we have such little control over it. Whether you’re saying good riddance to 2021 or counting your blessings as you reflect on what has been, there are ways to find motivation and inspiration for 2022: my weapon of choice is books.  In this list, you’ll find powerful stories, useful ideas, and habit-changing tools. Bookmark this and come back to it any day, week, or month and these books will feel just as inspiring. There’s no set time for a fresh start, after all.

Trying to Get Pregnant? Try Booking a Vacation

Steamy hookups in hotel bars and one-night stands with strangers may be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture travel sex (which are totally great, too!), but I associate travel with romance, no stress, and two pink lines on a drugstore test. One week before Christmas in 2016, I remember telling my … Continued

The 10 Worst Airline Passengers in America

Passengers were fined more than $1.45 million in 2021.

It has been a distressing year for flight attendants who have faced verbal and physical attacks by violent passengers. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is pulling no punches when it comes to disruptive passengers. Early in 2021, the FAA made it clear that those who refuse to wear masks or threaten and intimidate the crew will face fines and possibly jail time (the FAA cannot prosecute criminal cases, but they refer the cases to federal prosecutors). As of December 21, 2021, there have been 5,779 reports of unruly behavior, 4,156 mask-related incidents, and 1,054 investigations.  Since the zero-tolerance policy came into effect in January 2021, the FAA has levied heavy fines (up to $37,000 per violation) on passengers who interfere with the crew on flights and behave abominably. More than $1.45 million in civil penalties have been proposed by the FAA till November and the number may be higher still.  Here’s a list of the worst offenders slapped with thousands of dollars of fines for sexually assaulting, punching, kicking, and verbally abusing the crew, interfering with their duties under the influence of alcohol, and refusing to comply with the federal mask mandate.

The Most Polluted Cities in the World

South Asia is the most polluted region in the world.

For the past many weeks, Delhi’s air has been thick and covered in smog. The schools shut in November, construction work was halted, and government employees were given work-from-home orders. An annual occurrence during winters, the city (and its neighbors) choke when there’s a dip in air quality due to stubble burning, vehicular emissions, firecrackers (bans don’t work), and slow wind speed. The AQI reaches hazardous levels and the needle usually stays there for days on end. The poisonous air becomes a part of life in the city that unsurprisingly is one of the most polluted cities in the world.  But it’s not just India’s capital that’s living with a haze of toxic clouds over its head. According to the WHO, 90% of the global population lives in areas with unhealthy air quality. People around the world are breathing in harmful air that causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, contributing to 7 million deaths worldwide. We’ve listed the most polluted cities in different parts of the world, but you should know that South Asia tops all charts, so the other regions seem to fare better in comparison. Note: The World Health Organization has recently tightened its air quality guidelines. The annual limit of PM2.5 has been reduced from 10μg/m3 to 5μg/m3 and all countries listed here are exceeding that limit many times over. (PM2.5 is inhalable particles with diameters 2.5 micrometers and smaller).

The 10 Worst Airlines in the World

You’ve been warned.

Airlines can be hauntingly terrible: uncomfortable seats, stale and pricey food, lack of entertainment, delays and cancelations, and unsympathetic staff to top it all off. If you’ve ever faced this first hand, you know it’s not an experience you’ll ever want to revisit, no matter how tempting the fare.  To save travelers from the perils of unsavory flying experience, luggage storage company Bounce analyzed popular airlines on seven factors: passenger complaints, punctuality, maximum free baggage allowance, comfort, meals, in-flight entertainment, and staff service. Among the winners was Delta, which took the top spot in the domestic airlines category, followed by Hawaiian Airlines and Horizon Air. On the international front, Japan’s All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines beat the competition with great service and fewer complaints.  But you know which airlines are scraping the bottom of the barrel? Here’s a list of the worst airlines in the world with damning scores on the abovementioned factors. Now you know what not to book!

Floridas 10 Best Hotels to Stay Pre-Cruise

Don’t miss the boat!

Cruises are slowly coming back and we’re already salivating over 24-hour buffets, seeing over-the-top theater, and relaxing with a book while watching nothing but waves in the distance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know that the key component of a cruise is the pre-cruise hotel. Because after all, if we don’t stay the day before in a hotel, then Murphy’s Law says our flight will hit some sort of a snag the day of the cruise and we’ll miss our boarding. And then we won’t be cruising at all. Newbie cruisers, this may be the Best. Advice. Ever: Get a hotel the night before you cruise. Now that we got that out of the way, here are the best pre-cruise hotels if your cruise is departing out of Florida.