Berga Bazārs


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Berga Bazārs

Originally constructed between 1887–1900, Berga Bazārs is a pedestrian zone/shopping arcade in the heart of Riga. Its maze-like layout is home to a wide range of restaurants, bars, and cafés, as well as beauty salons, a barbershop, and small boutique shops selling a variety of items such as antique maps, French wines, exclusive cosmetics, and clothing by local fashion designers. In addition, there are event and exhibition spaces, as well as weekly outdoor jazz concerts in the summer.


The shopping scene in Riga is rapidly changing, with many chic brand-name stores opening outlets in central Riga. For those of you who enjoy marketplaces, the Centraltirgus is an enormous marketplace spread over several blocks around the railway station area. Meat and vegetables are sold inside four giant Zeppelin hangars. Outside, an oriental-style bazaar offers just about anything at prices lower than elsewhere in the city.